Subspecialty: Critical Care Unit

Posted: 1/21/2019

Company: EHOB, Inc.

Location: West Coast, AZ

Description: Clinician
The EHOB Clinician will provide education, orientation and support to other Clinical Coordinators. The EHOB Clinician will review quarterly activities of the Clinical Coordinators and provide information to the Director of Clinical Affairs and as needed to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of EHOB. In the assigned region the EHOB Clinician will maintain and foster Clinician to Clinician contact with facilities and provide education and assistance as needed to ensure smooth usage of EHOB products and to assist with resolution of issues regarding product use. The EHOB Clinician will provide support for the PARtner Program in the assigned region. The EHOB Clinician will be the contact for assigned activities, product benchmarking, and provision of the PARtner Program for facilities in the assigned region. The EHOB Clinician will assist new Clinical Coordinators in provision of education and support to hospitals as needed.

•Orientate and educate all new Clinical Coordinators as they are hired.
•Oversee and distribute quarterly reports from Clinical Coordinators.
•Continue development and use of the PARtner Program.
•Provide trials to facilities as requested per protocol.
•Relay needs of the facilities to the appropriate Territory Managers and Regional Managers related to educational and support needs.
•Report hospital satisfaction with EHOB to Clinical Affairs Department and COO as needed.
•Report any supply needs to the Regional Managers.
•Report all communication needs regarding relationships/facility needs in a timely fashion.
•Familiarity with all protocols and policies of facilities in the assigned region.
•Quarterly goals must be reached.
•Review and report quarterly reports from Clinical Coordinators.

Position type: Full-time

Qualifications: BS or BA required. BSN preferred. Active RN. Must be able to travel over 50% of the time. Critical care experience preferred. Wound care experience preferred.

Benefits: Health, Dental and Vision insurance. 401K. PTO.

How to Apply: Email: